Welcome⁤ to our latest blog post! Today, we are diving into the topics discussed in a captivating YouTube video titled "Unveiling ⁣My Pre-YouTube Self". In this video, ‌the content creator shares a personal journey of​ self-improvement, ‍personal finance, and investing, shedding light on their past experiences before becoming known as ⁤the​ credit ⁢card⁤ guy. ‍From‌ facing challenges in high school to finding success ​through rugby, this video unveils ‍a side of the creator that many may not have known. Join us as we⁢ explore the inspiring story behind the credit Brian persona and discover the journey⁢ that⁣ led ‍to their current success. Let’s dive in!
Unveiling My Pre-YouTube Self

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Unveiling My Past Struggles and Transformation

Unveiling ⁣My ​Past Struggles and⁣ Transformation
I started this YouTube channel⁤ with the intention of focusing on self-improvement, ‌personal finance, and investing. The ‍path⁤ that led me here was not always⁢ smooth sailing. Before becoming known as "credit Brian," I faced numerous challenges during my high school years. From getting expelled‍ to being suspended multiple times, I found myself on a path that was ⁣far from ideal.‌ However, those experiences played ‍a crucial role in shaping the person I am today.

Growing up as an Asian-American, I struggled to find my place⁤ and direction in life. I never imagined myself becoming an entrepreneur or ‍delving into the‍ world of credit and finance. It wasn’t until I made a conscious ⁤decision to⁢ turn my life around that ⁢I began to see ⁢a ‌brighter future ahead. Engaging in sports, particularly rugby, taught me valuable lessons in community, ‌leadership, teamwork, and discipline. These core values that I cultivated on the rugby‍ field have translated ⁣into my business endeavors, shaping the way I approach challenges and opportunities.

Revealing the Origins of Credit Brian

Revealing the Origins of Credit Brian
I started this YouTube channel with a different⁤ purpose in mind. Before becoming known as "credit Brian," I intended to focus on self-improvement, personal finance, investing,‍ and sharing my ‌life experiences. With the incredible ​support of about 30,000 subscribers gained this ‍past year, I am confident that in 2020 ⁤we will reach 100,000 subscribers, a goal that I ⁣am committed to achieving.

Growing up as ⁢an Asian-American, I faced challenges during​ my high school years, experiencing suspensions, expulsion, ⁤and being sent to alternative programs. Despite my troubled past, I was‌ determined to change my path and create a better future for myself. ‌Through the discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills learned from playing rugby, I was able to turn ⁢my life around and develop the core fundamentals that now​ drive my success in business. Rugby not only transformed me as a⁣ person‍ but also⁣ taught me valuable ⁣lessons that I continue to apply every day.

The Influence of Rugby‍ on Personal Growth‌ and Business Success

The Influence of Rugby ‍on Personal Growth and Business Success

With 2019 coming to a close and 2020 right around the ⁢corner, I believe it’s the perfect ⁤time to delve into the goals I have and offer you‌ a glimpse into the person I am today. Many of you‌ who are currently watching⁣ may associate me ‍with being the credit card guy, but before adopting ⁢that persona, I initially started this ⁣YouTube channel with the​ intention of delving into self-improvement, personal finance, investing,‌ and sharing some ⁤of my personal ‍life experiences.

Over the course of this past year, ‍we have managed to amass around 30,000 subscribers, a ⁢feat that I find truly astounding. Looking ahead⁣ to 2020, one ‌of my aims‌ is to hit the⁢ milestone ⁢of a hundred thousand subscribers. My journey did not begin⁤ in the world of business or entrepreneurship; ⁢instead, I had my fair share of challenges back in ⁣high school, resulting in‍ expulsion, suspension, and time in alternative programs. However, through the transformative power of rugby, I cultivated traits of community,‌ leadership, teamwork, and discipline, which ‍have become integral to‍ my approach in the realm of business and personal growth.


Q: What topics does ​the YouTube video⁣ “Unveiling My Pre-YouTube Self” cover?
A: ⁤The video covers the speaker’s personal journey from troubled high school student to successful YouTuber in the personal finance and‌ self-improvement space.

Q: How many subscribers did the speaker‌ gain in the past year?
A:⁤ The speaker gained about 30,000 subscribers in the past year.

Q: What are the speaker’s goals for 2020?
A: One of the speaker’s goals for 2020 is to hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Q:⁢ What challenges did the speaker face ‌in high school?
A: The speaker​ faced troubles in high school, including being expelled, suspended ⁢multiple times, and sent to ‍alternative ⁢programs and military school.

Q:‍ How did playing rugby impact the speaker’s life?
A: ‌Playing‍ rugby taught⁤ the speaker important values such as community,‌ leadership, teamwork, and discipline, which he ⁣now implements in his business. He also achieved success in rugby, being invited to⁢ Nationals, being an all-star player twice for Maryland, and going to the state championship for five years.

Closing Remarks

As we come to ‌the​ end of this blog post discussing the YouTube video “Unveiling My Pre-YouTube Self”, it is clear that the journey from past struggles to‍ current success has⁣ been a transformative ⁤one for Credit Brian. Despite⁣ facing challenges in his youth, he was able to turn his life around through hard work, dedication, and the invaluable lessons learned from playing rugby. It is inspiring to see ​how he has grown and evolved, ⁢and it serves as a reminder that with perseverance ⁣and determination, anything is possible. As we⁤ look forward to⁣ 2020, let’s take this story as a motivation to continue striving for our goals and never giving⁣ up on our dreams. Thank you for joining us on this reflective journey, and we hope you continue‌ to follow along on Credit Brian’s inspiring story of personal growth and success. Remember, the ‍past does ​not define us – it is our actions and choices that shape⁤ our ⁣future. Until next​ time, ⁢keep pushing forward and ⁣believing in yourself.

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