Are you ready to step into the future of hiring and workforce management? In a recent YouTube video titled "Transforming Hiring: AI & Workday Insights," Workday CEO, Carl Ebach, discusses the exciting developments in AI technology that are revolutionizing the way we approach talent acquisition and employee development. From Co-Pilots to career insights, AI is reshaping the way we think about skills, reskilling, and productivity gains. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of AI and Workday, and discover how this technology is changing the face of human resources. Let’s explore the possibilities together.
Transforming Hiring: AI & Workday Insights

Table of Contents

– Application of AI in Workday in 2024: Co-Pilots and Career Insights

- Application of AI in Workday in 2024: Co-Pilots and Career Insights
In 2024, when utilizing Workday, the application of AI will revolutionize the way we approach hiring and career development. The introduction of Co-Pilots in the AI realm will be a game-changer, offering generative AI co-pilots that assist in navigating through tasks with ease. These AI assistants will not only provide recommendations on skill development and reskilling but also guide individuals on their career advancement journey. Imagine receiving tailored suggestions on the next steps to take in your professional development, ensuring you are always equipped with the right skills to flourish in your career path.

Furthermore, Workday’s AI integration will extend to recruitment processes, offering a seamless experience for both employers and candidates. The Career Insight hub will serve as a valuable resource for managers and employees alike, providing personalized recommendations on career progression and skill enhancement opportunities. With AI-driven insights, internal mobility within organizations will be optimized, leading to a more agile and dynamic workforce. By focusing on reskilling and upskilling initiatives, Workday aims to enhance productivity and drive significant improvements in workforce management. This approach signifies a substantial shift in how organizations will leverage AI to empower their employees and foster continuous growth within the workforce.

– Leveraging AI for Recruiting, Reskilling, and Upskilling in Workforce

- Leveraging AI for Recruiting, Reskilling, and Upskilling in Workforce

One of the exciting possibilities of leveraging AI in recruiting, reskilling, and upskilling is the concept of Co-Pilots. Workday CEO, Carl Esbach, mentioned that in Workday 2024, users can expect to see generative AI co-pilots that assist in navigating through tasks. These co-pilots will provide recommendations on skill development and career advancement, helping individuals make informed decisions about their career paths.

Another area where AI will make a significant impact is in recruiting. Workday’s AI capabilities will enable companies to streamline their recruitment processes, making it easier for them to find the right talent for their workforce. Additionally, Workday’s Career Insight Hub will provide valuable recommendations to both managers and employees on how to progress in their careers, acquire new skills, and explore opportunities for internal mobility.

– Pricing and Investment in AI: Workday’s Approach and Customer Benefits

- Pricing and Investment in AI: Workday's Approach and Customer Benefits
Incorporating AI into Workday’s platform has been a game-changer for both the company and its customers. Workday’s CEO, Carl Esbach, emphasizes the focus on AI Co-Pilots that will assist users in navigating through tasks efficiently. These generative AI Co-Pilots will provide recommendations on skill development and career advancement, making it easier for users to plan their professional growth. Additionally, the platform will also offer a Career Insight hub, aiding managers and employees in making informed decisions about their career paths and suggesting the necessary skills required for advancement.

When it comes to pricing and investment in AI, Workday has adopted a strategic approach. The company believes in maintaining a subscription-based model without drastically increasing prices due to the integration of AI technology. Instead, Workday focuses on providing value to its customers through continuous innovation and enhancement of their platform. By offering AI capabilities that focus on reskilling and upskilling the workforce, Workday aims to drive productivity gains and revolutionize the way businesses perceive talent management in the future.


Q: Who was featured in the YouTube video “Transforming Hiring: AI & Workday Insights”?
A: Carl Esbach, CEO of Workday, was featured in the video.

Q: What was one of the main topics of discussion in the video?
A: The application of AI in the Workday platform, particularly in areas such as Co-Pilots, career advancement recommendations, and internal mobility.

Q: How does Workday plan to use AI to help users advance their careers?
A: Workday plans to offer AI-driven recommendations on skills and reskilling, suggest career paths, and prompt users to update their skills if they are outdated.

Q: How does Workday plan to address the cost of implementing AI in their platform?
A: Workday has taken a measured approach to pricing AI, with a focus on maintaining subscription fees and innovation index uplift rather than raising prices significantly due to the inclusion of AI technology in their platform.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it’s clear that AI is transforming the way we approach hiring and career development. Workday’s CEO, Carl Esbach, highlights the exciting applications of AI on the platform, such as Co-Pilots and career insights, to help individuals navigate their professional journeys. The discussion also touches on the important topic of pricing AI services and how Workday is taking a measured approach. As we look towards the future of work, it’s evident that AI will play a crucial role in upskilling and reskilling our workforce. The possibilities are endless, and it will be fascinating to see how AI continues to shape the hiring process and career advancement. So, buckle up and get ready for a transformative journey with AI and Workday Insights!

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