In the ‌digital world of cryptocurrencies, there is always talk about the ‌next‌ big thing that could potentially‍ bring enormous growth. Recently, a YouTube video titled "The Next Big Thing: Coinbase’s Pick for 30x Altcoin Growth" has caught the attention of many enthusiasts in the crypto space.⁢ The video discusses⁣ a lesser-known altcoin backed by Coinbase Ventures with the potential to 30x, 40x, or even 50x in the near future. The​ altcoin, Aerodome, is positioned as the central trading and liquidity marketplace on Bas, a new Ethereum L2 incubated by Coinbase. With Coinbase Ventures ⁣known for picking winners in the industry, the choice⁢ of Aerodrome as the main⁤ DEX for Bas has sparked excitement among⁣ investors. In this blog post, we will delve into the ‍reasons why Aerodome has the potential for ‍exponential growth and explore a hidden metric that⁣ nobody is talking about.⁣ It’s time to uncover the possibilities in the world of crypto as we decipher the potential behind Aerodome.
The Next Big Thing: Coinbase's Pick for 30x Altcoin Growth

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Introduction to Coinbase Venture’s Backing of Aerodrome

Introduction to Coinbase Venture's⁤ Backing ⁤of Aerodrome

Coinbase Ventures just backed Aerodrome, an altcoin with‍ a‌ $30 ‌million‌ market cap that has the potential to grow⁤ 30x, 40x, or ‌even 50x in 2024. Aerodrome is the ​central trading and liquidity Marketplace on Bas, a new ethereum L2⁣ incubated by Coinbase and built on the OP stack. Coinbase Ventures, the VC​ arm of Coinbase, chose Aerodrome as its main decentralized exchange within the Bas ecosystem, showcasing⁢ their track ‍record of picking winners ⁤such as Uniswap, Yuga Labs, Arbitrum, and others.

What sets Aerodrome apart is the unique metric that‌ nobody is talking ​about- a metric similar to​ a profits to earnings ratio and market cap to sales ratio in‍ traditional stocks. With Aerodrome set to⁢ dominate the‍ L2 space due‍ to⁢ the backing of ​Coinbase, it is ​positioned to be one ⁣of the top L2s in the industry. This⁣ hidden gem is gaining attention from investors like Crypto ​Taco, who added Aerodrome‍ to his portfolio based on the potential ‌unlocking of profits⁢ and the domination of Bas in the L2 ecosystem.

Explanation of Aerodrome’s Role as ⁢Central Trading Platform on Bas

Explanation of Aerodrome's Role as Central Trading Platform on Bas

Aerodrome serves as the central trading and liquidity marketplace on Bas, which is a new Ethereum L2 incubated by Coinbase and built on the Opt stack. Bas is poised to be a big‌ winner, supported ⁢by the backing of Coinbase. Aerodrome has been ⁢chosen by Coinbase Ventures as the number one decentralized exchange within the ‍Bas‌ ecosystem. Coinbase Ventures has a track record of picking winners in⁤ the crypto space, demonstrated by their investments in successful projects like⁢ Uniswap, Compound, and Synthetics.

There are several reasons to be bullish on Aerodrome, including the strong support from Coinbase Ventures, the ⁤potential for‍ significant growth in the altcoin ‌market, and the promising metrics that‌ indicate a bright future. With Aerodrome positioned as the main DEX on Bas, it has‍ the potential to see substantial​ growth in⁢ the coming years. Keep an eye on Aerodrome as it ⁢emerges as‌ a key player in the ⁣cryptocurrency trading ecosystem.

Insights into Coinbase Ventures’ Track Record‍ of Picking Winners

Insights into Coinbase Ventures' Track Record of Picking Winners

Coinbase Ventures just ‍backed this altcoin and nobody is talking about it it only has a $30 million market cap and I think this ‌can 30X 40x or even 50x in 2024 I’m going to tell you ‍why people are scared about it why⁣ I love⁢ it and a metric nobody’s talking‍ about time to discover crypto all⁤ right folks the coin we⁤ are⁣ talking about is aerodome ⁢and this is the central trading ⁣and liquidity Marketplace on bass now if you don’t know⁣ what Bas is base⁤ is a new ethereum L2‍ incubated by coinbase and built on the ⁤op stack very very bullish on Bas because we’re⁤ very bullish on coinbase now base is going to be a big winner ‌but the coin is not out yet you ⁢can’t buy any base right now there’s people playing around ⁤on‍ the test net the devs are using it but⁣ there’s coins on the base ecosystem ⁤and within this ecosystem coinbase which is the team behind base they have chosen a winner to‌ be ‌the number one‍ One decentralized exchange and coinbase did ⁤that through coinbase Ventures coinbase Ventures is ‌their ‍VC arm and this⁣ is ‍how they do Investments within their ecosystem and now Bas is going to be using Aerodrome as its​ main decks now why am I bullish on coinbase Ventures investing in a base decks well coinbase Ventures tends to pick winners everybody ‌uh this is ​just a scrolling⁤ wheel I can’t really control it so you know just ⁣look at some of the names here you just ‌saw Unis swap yugal laabs Aptos arbitrum R weave CEO compound consensus Dapper Labs‌ ether scan folks these‍ people know‍ how to pick⁣ winners some say they’re even the king makers within crypto they know how to pick ⁢a winner if⁢ you know what I mean magic Eden Masari optimism ⁤uh ribbon‍ Finance ‍Stark net synthetics huge huge names in the.

Industry and they are chosing arrow is the ticker is a⁢ e⁣ r o aerod Drome as their chosen winner as the decks now crypto Taco he just did a a thread⁤ on this and I’m going⁣ to⁣ kind of go ​over a couple​ points ‌here and then folks I said there’s a secret metric nobody is talking ⁢about I’m going to look at‌ the finances like it’s a stock and⁤ tell you Why I’m bullish we’re going to be using metrics think of ⁢a close to a profits to earnings ratio we’re going to be looking at market cap to sales ​ratio and the numbers I have are going to blow you away folks but if we go into the thread here this ⁤is why Taco is bullish he has eight reasons why he added ‌it to his portfolio‍ today​ and folks I ⁤just took a‍ little bit of⁣ arbitrum profits and put it in⁤ this coin because of the arbitrum unlock but ‍you know not Financial advice just I feel like that unlock might end up ‍making some selling pressure and‍ uh Taco writes you ​know pretty correctly here the hype around l2s it’s clear that base is set to dominate I think it’s going to⁣ be one of the top l2s in the space the‌ main reason being it is going ⁢to be‌ the backing ⁤of ⁤coinbase is a ​player with‍ deep t

Analysis of​ Crypto Taco’s Eight Reasons⁣ for⁤ Adding Aerodrome⁤ to Portfolio ‌and Secret Metric Discovery

Analysis of Crypto‌ Taco's Eight Reasons for Adding Aerodrome ‍to Portfolio ​and Secret Metric Discovery

Coinbase Ventures just backed ⁤this altcoin and nobody is talking about it, it only has a $30 million market ‍cap and I think this can 30X, 40X, or even 50X in 2024.⁣ The coin we are talking about‍ is Aerodrome, which is the central trading and liquidity ‌Marketplace on Bas.‍ Bas is a new‍ Ethereum L2‍ incubated by Coinbase and built on the op stack,⁤ making it very bullish. Coinbase Ventures tends to⁣ pick winners, and ‌they have ⁣chosen Aerodrome as the main DEX for Bas, which is a significant endorsement.

Aerodrome has been gaining attention for various reasons, with Crypto Taco​ highlighting eight reasons for adding it to⁢ his portfolio. Key points include the backing of⁣ Coinbase, the potential dominance of Bas⁢ in the L2 space, and the anticipation of significant growth. Additionally, there is a secret ⁢metric ⁢that​ nobody is talking ‌about, which involves analyzing ⁤the financial aspects ‍of the coin ‌akin to a stock. Through metrics such as market ⁤cap to sales ratio and other financial indicators, the potential for Aerodrome’s growth is substantial, making it a promising asset for⁢ investment.


Q: What ‍is the altcoin that Coinbase Ventures just backed and‍ why is it considered to have ​high growth potential?
A: The altcoin is Aerodrome, which ⁤is the chosen decentralized exchange for the‌ Base ‌ecosystem incubated by Coinbase.​ It has ‌a $30 million market cap and is expected to see significant growth potential in 2024.

Q: Why⁢ is Coinbase Ventures’ investment in Aerodrome seen as a positive⁤ sign for the altcoin?
A:⁢ Coinbase Ventures has a track record of​ picking successful winners in the crypto space, such as Uniswap,⁣ Compound, and Dapper Labs.‌ Their endorsement of Aerodrome as the main decentralized exchange⁤ for Base signals confidence in its potential for growth.

Q: What are some key reasons⁢ why‌ crypto enthusiasts like ⁢Crypto Taco are bullish on Aerodrome?
A: ⁣Some reasons include the hype around Layer 2 solutions,​ the backing of Coinbase, and the potential for Aerodrome to ⁣dominate the decentralized exchange space ​within the crypto industry.

Q: Are there any ‌secret metrics that nobody is talking about that support the bullishness on Aerodrome?
A: Yes, there are metrics like market cap to sales ⁣ratio and profits ​to earnings ratio that reveal​ promising numbers for Aerodrome, which may surprise investors and enthusiasts alike.

Q: Is ​it recommended to invest in ‌Aerodrome based on⁣ the information provided in the YouTube video?
A:‍ The video does not ⁤offer financial advice, but ‍it does highlight​ the potential for growth in Aerodrome due to its backing by Coinbase Ventures ⁣and its position⁤ as the main ⁣decentralized exchange for the Base ecosystem. It is advisable for individuals to conduct their own research and make ⁢informed investment decisions. ⁣

Future ​Outlook

As we conclude our discussion on Coinbase’s pick ⁣for 30x altcoin growth, it is clear that Aerodrome has ⁤the potential to make significant strides in the cryptocurrency market.​ With Coinbase Ventures backing this promising coin and its integration‌ into the ⁤innovative Bas ecosystem, the future looks​ bright for Aerodrome.⁤ While the coin is not yet available for purchase, the⁣ excitement and anticipation surrounding it are palpable.​ Keep an eye on this hidden gem as it continues to gain‌ traction and⁢ potentially soar to ⁢new heights in the coming years. Stay tuned ⁤for more updates on the next big thing in the world ⁢of cryptocurrency. Discover crypto, ⁤explore opportunities,‌ and embrace ⁣the future with Aerodrome.

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